Gilbert informs us the doctor must think about the moment.

In the general therapy of wounds, Gilbert informs us the doctor must think about the moment. The age of the person, his temperament (complexion), and the region. As well as be prepared to temper the warmth with the cool and also the completely dry with the most. Procedures for recovery, cleaning as well as consolidation are required in all wounds. 토토총판수익

As well as these objects, might, not rarely, be achieved by a solitary agent.

The basic clothing of many wounds is a piece of linen dampened with the agent of egg, as well as, as a rule. The primary dressing ought to not be changed for 2 days in the summertime, and for 3 days in the winter. In damp injuries vitreum minimizes the flesh; in completely dry injuries it fixings and also combines. Flos Aeris, in completely dry wounds, decreases but does not settle, yet instead corrodes the cells. Excessive suppuration is occasionally the outcome of as well promoting applications.

In some cases of those which are as well weak. In the previous case, the injury enlarges, thinks a concave type, is red, warm, tough, and also painful, and also the pus is slim as well as watery. If the application is too weak, the pus is thick and thick, and the other indicators pointed out are wanting. In either case, the dressings are to be reversed. If any kind of dyscrasia, such as excessive warmth, coldness, dryness. Or dampness appears in the injury as well as postpones its healing, it is to be satisfied by its contrary.

If fistula or cancer creates, this issue is to be initially treated and then the primary wound. The indicators of a hot dyscrasia are warmth, burning, and also discomfort in the wound; of a chilly dyscrasia, lividity of the wound; the damp dyscrasia events flabbiness (policies) and excessive suppuration, and the completely dry generates dryness and induration.

Injuries of the head (f. 84 c) accompany or without fracture of the cranium.

Yet always need mindful examination as well as a specific diagnosis. The wound is to be carefully explored with the finger, agent if necessary, ought to be bigger for this objective. Huge, yet straightforward, wounds of the scalp ought to be stitched with silk in 3 or four places, leaving one of the most dependent angles open for the retreat of the discharges, and also in this opening needs to be inserted a camping tent to assist in drainage. The injury is then sprinkled with the pelvis Rubeus and also covered with plantain or other fallen leave. On the nine to the l lth day, if the wound appears practically recovered, the stitches are to be gotten rid of, and also the cure completed with straightforward dressings.

The signs and symptoms of the crack of the cranium are Loss of appetite and also a failure of digestion, insomnia, difficulty in micturition, bowel irregularity, a febrile dyscrasia. The problem is splitting nuts or crusts of bread with the jaws. Or serious pain when a string is affixed to the teeth as well as pulled greatly. If the meninges are hurt we have better: frustration, a slow as well as irregular yet enhancing high temperature, rotating with cools, distortion of the angles of the eyes. Inflammation of the cheeks, mental disturbances, dimness of vision. A weak voice and also bleeding from the ears or the nose. In the visibility of such signs and symptoms. The death of the client might be expected within at most a hundred days.